Long-term Leasing

Again, QSH is not unique in being able to offer this, but we are stretching the way leasing can be used to provide investment solutions to a whole host of housing needs

A 30 year lease is entered into by a managing agent (Council/Housing Association or Corporate Managing Agent) and, at the end of the term, the property can be bought for £1. Sounds simple and a great way of creating and owning more homes. But we’re interested in the wider possibilities that leasing can be used to tackle housing need; not just new build but also:

  • Purchasing 2nd hand properties to create more affordable, properly managed, housing stock
  • Purchasing 2nd hand properties to cross-subsidise new build in areas where new build is often unviable without grant
  • Refurbishing existing Council/Housing Association stock whilst allowing sitting tenants to remain on long term secure tenancies at current rent levels
  • Taking up unused s106/s75 allocations in areas where housing associations aren’t able to

Funds are sourced by our investment partners, CBRE, whilst Affordable PRS may in time be the long term solution, there is plenty of investment available now for leasing and we’ve already worked through many of the tricky issues of prudential borrowing, security of tenure, management of rent risk and indexing.