Chain Street gets a new bricklayer!

Nicola Clayton, our Business Development Director paid a visit to our site at Chain Street in Bradford this week. As you can see from the photos the site is progressing at an amazing rate even with the snow and freezing weather that Bradford has had recently.

Nicola was even allowed to have a go at laying some bricks on the QSH properties that are currently being constructed. Nicola said, “It was brilliant to have a go at bricklaying, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. The guys said I did OK but I know they had to take it off and do it again. It’s probably for the best!”

QSH are hoping to start on more sites in the near future across the UK. Keep checking our website for details. If you would like to discuss how QSH could help you develop a site you own or take on S.106 requirements, please get in touch via the contact section of our website or email Nicola: [email protected].CS Feb 9 CS Feb 17 CS Feb 16 CS 3 feb 3 CS Feb 12